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  QUANTUM BEAM STOP  (10049911)  

Application Note:
The texturing seen on the beam stop is designed to reflect a small portion of the beam into the side and top liners, thereby reducing the wear on the primary beam stop piece.

  Number of products:5
APERTURE PLATE  Plansee No.:  11633323
  EA OEM:002004656 1 EA
SHIELDING, SIDE-LEAP2 EXTENDED  Plansee No.:  11636529
  EA OEM:002002285 2 EA
SHIELDING END LEAP 2 EXTENDED  Plansee No.:  11636221
  EA OEM:002002286 2 EA
BEAM STOP  Plansee No.:  11632926
EA OEM:002095104 1 EA
APERTURE PLATE WIDE LEAP 2  Plansee No.:  11636891
EA OEM:002002290 1 EA