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  9500 - XR MRS ASSY  (10051781)  

Application Note:

Due to the different process mixes run, alternate versions of the MRS Vane are available. These alternate designs range from lower cost models to particle reducing designs and can be seen on the MRS Vane Options Page (only available through your local Plansee representative).

  Number of products:5
PRE MRS SLIT  Plansee No.:  11632741
EA OEM:002098649 1 EA
LOW DOSE SLIT  Plansee No.:  11632707
  EA OEM:002080236 1 EA
VANE, MRS  Plansee No.:  11631437
EA OEM:002082810 2 EA
POST MRS SLIT  Plansee No.:  11382275
pce OEM:002097885 1 STK
POST MRS SLIT  Plansee No.:  11560964
pce OEM:002083925 1 EA